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There are many different events scheduled weekly across a wide range of sports that we make selections in. Some game reviews are available early in the week, while other game tips can be posted up to 30 minutes before game time.

SPECIAL NOTE – Our tips (picks) can come very late and sometimes right up to the start of an event, in some cases we even surrender bets. This is due to many factors we consider before placing an event, like team lineups (which in many sports can come very late), injury reports and updates on game day player decisions, weather related changes, specific fluctuations in odds which we consider when making final selections.

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The BTS Guru services is a sports advisory paid subscriber service. Each week we provide selections in various sporting events. If you purchase a Rookie, Pro or All Pro Pass then you’ll get all our tips in all world sports, including the American Professional Sports, American College Sports, and Australian Sports. Betting agencies around the world now offer markets in almost every major sporting event so you wont likely have trouble getting a bet on if you’re betting in America on our Australian sports outcomes.

To get the best returns from our service all our stakes are 1 unit unless notified. Our selections appear in our members paid area under events and the list of outcomes or selections are listed. NB – Selections can come late, up to 30 mins or sometimes 10 mins before game time as it is critical to confirm team line ups and late withdrawals can obviously effect the outcome. NB – We recommend you have notifications turned on for our twitter service as we notify members of live picks there. Please also note that if you want to take full advantage of our service you may have to place outcomes at odd hours based on global sports events. DISCLAIMER – It is not our responsibility to ensure you get your outcome on, thats up to you and we’re sorry if you miss out on one of our selections especially if its a winner.

We suggest to get the maximum return you use our system as forecast and select a unit stake amount that you feel is responsible and within your means. After selecting your unit stake amount bet each of our outcomes the same unit amount as listed. Or if you like and you’re like most punters use our system as best you see fit. But we warned cherry picking our system can work some weeks but it doesn’t work every week. Gamble Responsibly.

We dont recommend any particular sportsbook or agency, and at the present time we do not receive sign on bonuses or commissions from Sportsbooks or Agencies.

We do recommend that you do your homework and ask around before you engage a service. Also check your local state laws to make sure its legal for you to place outcomes and sign up for sportsbooks accounts.

We do however recommend that you have multiple accounts as outcomes and odds offered can vary and you’ll want to always take advantage of the best odds offered.

BONECRUSHER™ – A bonecrusher is generally a 2-3 leg parlay or multi bet in the range of $1.80 (-118) to $2.65 (+165). Our Bonecrusher™ strategy is to effectively take odds on favorites coupled together to provide a better outcome.

MBB™ – Mega Bookie Beater™ – The MBB™ is falls into the range of a 3-8 leg parlay or multi bet in the range of $3.80 (+280) to $8.50 (+750).