For the punter who really wants to take the bookies on and give them a run for their money. With a wide selection of outcomes, including Bonecrushers™, SameGameMulti (Parlays) and other mixes of outcomes to increase profits. Sports include NFL, NBA, AFL, NRL, MLB, Tennis and other sports when the odds are right.

What's in the PRO PASS

We offer a higher rated unit outcomes and generally have between 8 and 10 picks. Our weekly pro selections can include unit stakes between 10 and 15 units on average. We include our MBB's (Mega Bookie Beater™) and other player props and mega multi's.

Who is the PRO PASS for?

The PRO PASS is designed for punters that can comfortably speculate more than a $100 each week in their financial plan and comfortably be able to manage their financial risks.

What results can we expect?

In 2023 YTD we have returned profits north of 70% ROI. While results do vary, this is a DIY system, we provide the weekly picks and suggested unit amounts and it's up to you to manage all your own bets. Following our system is key to returning high profits. We take no responsibility for outcomes as this is a higher risk proposition.


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* Always Gamble Responsibly, stay in your lane and bet within your limits. Please see more at our Gamble Responsibly Page.

* SPECIAL NOTE – This is not a guaranteed service, we do not guarantee returns or outcomes. Read our Terms & Conditions for more information.