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BTS Guru is a sports advisory company with offices in Miami, Florida, and Sydney, Australia. We’re here to share with you the best ways to beat the bookies in the biggest sporting events in the world. Our group is made up of independently wealthy business owners who’ve turned their enjoyment of punting on sports into earning a living from punting on sports. 

There’s nothing better than be able to win money on a regular basis and we’re going to show you how you to can win and win often on sports betting.

Welcome to our new blog and we hope you enjoy the content. We’ve got some great insights and sports coverage for you as we follow the calendar season of sports from all around the world.

We provide you with a mix of reviews and options in both US and Australian sports and we also provide insights and tips in other world sports events including boxing, tennis and motor sports.

We hope you enjoy the content and follow along with us on our journey.

2023 is set to be an exciting year and there are so massive sporting events happening. We’ll have coverage of all the big sporting events including the 2023 NRL and 2023 AFL Seasons, We’ve got a weekly Super Rugby Review also for all punters interested in our Aussie Sports programs. 

This coming year we have so many new services and offers for our members and we’re extremely excited about our Premium Plus service we’ll be launching in mid 2023, plus we have our new Careers section which will offer the best tipsters in the business an opportunity to win prizes and possibly land a job with us. We’re also excited to announce our upcoming Podcast which is currently in development is scheduled for a June 2023 launch, and that’s going to be fun bringing you some of the big time players in sports on the show to discuss the hot topics.

We truly hope you all have a great year, win and win big, all the very best.

BTS Sports Guru Management Team.